Synthetic leather basketball using TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) originally developed by TACHIKARA for freestyle basketball players all over the world. Made with a sponge rubber carcass inner layer and a softer enamel synthetic leather material, specifically for high-grade grip and handling. This model, SPLATTER has splatter pattern graphics all over the basketball. It’s a challenging product which raises the creativity of basketball.

  • ITEM NO : SB7-332
  • COLOR : Splatter pattern
  • SIZE : 7
  • MATERIAL : Synthetic leather




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Sponge carcass
Size 7 - Official size & weight ball

  1. 1Double-ply butyl bladder for maximum air retention and optimal bounce.
  2. 2Nylon wound to increase durability and maintain the shape.
  3. 3Sponge rubber carcass layer (Patented) to improve flexibility and handling.
  4. 4TACHKIKARA’s original TPU synthetic leather with great adhesion and flexibility.
  • NEW


ITEM NO : SB7-332

COLOR : Splatter pattern

SIZE : 7

MATERIAL : Synthetic leather




To make TACHIKARA’s freestyle balls high quality in terms of grip and with freedom of design, we developed from scratch an original type of synthetic leather, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) without the enamel material, which is normally used. Therefore TACHIKARA’s freestyle basketballs can express multiple designs in small lots, whilst continuing to take advantage of our reliable function and infinite creativity as weapons, to propose unprecedented basketballs that are sure to fit the different styles of the freestyle basketball scene that are born everyday.