It is a basketball model for outdoor basketball that adopts the specification of the standard model of the basketball for outdoor use recommended by Tachikara, WHITE HANDS as it is, the synthetic leather of the orange that was produced as Tachikara original color, the basketball model for outdoor door, FLASHBALL -REFLECTIVE-! Made of durable synthetic leather with high grip for consistent high handling and control, even on hard asphalt and dusty rubber surfaces. Deeper and wider deep pebbled channels (grooves) are adopted to support a more accurate shooting ability and a more absorbent feel in the hand, even outdoors. This time, FLASHBALL -REFLECTIVE- is a special specification ball that uses reflective material that reflects light on the TACHIKARA logo, the FLASHBALL logo, and the ball hole logo. The FLASHBALL series is an outdoor basketball developed by Tachikara for street ballers who go outdoors day and night to play on outdoor playgrounds.

  • ITEM NO : SB7-277
  • COLOR : Orange / Reflective
  • SIZE : 7
  • MATERIAL : Composite PU




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Sponge carcass & deep pebble channel
Size 7 - Official size & weight ball

  1. 1Double-ply butyl bladder for maximum air retention and optimal bounce.
  2. 2Nylon wound to increase durability and maintain the shape.
  3. 3Sponge rubber carcass layer to improve flexibility and handling.
  4. 4Pebble channel specification designed for the best dribbling control and great traction and feel in the hand.
  5. 5Regular fiber composite PU synthetic leather for high grip and the best durability.
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ITEM NO : SB7-277

COLOR : Orange / Reflective

SIZE : 7

MATERIAL : Composite PU




TACHIKARA’s synthetic leather balls use only top quality materials selected from all the synthetic leathers available around the world. Not just balls for indoor or outdoor use, we are assuming a wide-range of ways to use basketballs will be born in the future. We are continuously developing a variety of synthetic leather basketballs, to cover the differing needs of top professionals to fans, by carefully selecting materials, coloring, channels (grooves), etc. in order to match their use.