Official olympic game from 2020 TOKYO, TACHIKARA will release basketball for 3x3s.

3 on 3 basketball is now officially an olympic game from 2020 TOKYO.
TACHIKARA will release official size and weight basketball for FIBA’s original rule 3 on 3 also known as 3×3.

Same specification as the “WHITE HANDS” basketball with a white and olive color way.
Size 6 but weight 7 which is the official size and weight for 3×3 basketball game.

ITEM NO : SB67-202 / COLOR : Olive-White-Black / SIZE : Official size and weight for 3×3 game / MATERIAL : Composite PU

TACHIKARA’s experience from outdoor basketball and manufacture technology has made a FIBA’s original rule 3on3 game 3×3 basketball.
Durable synthetic leather provides excellent grip for perfect handling and control even on hard asphalt or dusty rubber surfaces. A deeper and wider pebble channel (groove) supports accurate shooting ability and feel in the hand, even outdoors.
TACHIKARA’s original olive PU and also uses white PU for visibility in dark environments so that it can even be used in outdoor playgrounds without flood lighting.
Official size and weight for 3×3 game (size 6 ball but weight is size 7).