Newest freestyle basketball FLOWER

TACHIKARA invented the original TPU synthetic leather in 2013.
Since then, TACHIKARA is able to put various graphic on the ball and now No.1 share for the freestyle basketball.

Newest freestyle basketball “FLOWER” will release in September.8th from our online store.

FLOWER ¥6,426-
ITEM NO : SB7-336 / COLOR : Flower Pattern / SIZE : 7 / MATERIAL : Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather basketball using TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) originally developed by TACHIKARA for freestyle basketball players all over the world. Made using a softer enamel synthetic leather material, specifically for high-grade grip and handling. In side the ball is made of sponge rubber carcass.
Flower pattern graphic all around the ball is a creative and challenging design product.