SpaceBall Mag × TACHIKARA ”CITY BALL PACK 001″ will release on October.19th

Last April, SpaceBall Mag the streetball organization based in Tokyo and New York and TACHIKARA which was established in 1915 did a collaboration ”CITY BALL PACK 000“ for people who wants to carry “my ball” for your life style.

On October.19th, SpaceBall Mag and TACHIKARA will release the update version ”CITY BALL PACK 001”. For overseas, ”CITY BALL PACK 001” will be releasing on October.19th.

CITY BALL PACK 001 -BLACK- ¥18,000-
ITEM NO : BG-001-1 / COLOR : Black / SIZE : H 73cm ×W 30cm × D 18cm 38L / MATERIAL : Nylon, Polyester






A special product was created by SpaceBall Mag that connects Japan and the world through street ball. A historic Japanese brand, Tachikara this was established in 1915 in Tokyo. CITY BALL PACK 001was invented for the extreme city baller who has an active life and wants to be ballin all the time. The defining characteristic for this model is that your kicks can be stored in the upper compartment and the rock can be stored in the bottom. Despite its slim look, there is a cushioned back for a 13” PC, pocket for magazines, and other pockets for supplements or deodorant. Designed to accompany the tough and rough baller, the surface material is nylon which is light and damage resistant. The front has a cutoff zipper. This model, CITY BALL PACK 001 is the backpack for the extreme baller who wants to carry their life: ball, sneaker and wear.

CITY BALL PACK 001 -KHAKI- ¥18,000-
ITEM NO : BG-001-1 / COLOR : Khaki / SIZE : H 73cm ×W 30cm × D 18cm 38L / MATERIAL : Nylon, Polyester






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