TACHIKARA’s newest freestyle basketball “OIL SLICK” is now on sale

TACHIKARA released the newest freestyle basketball “OIL SLICK” on November.25th 12:00 Japan time.
You can now purchase from TACHIKARA online store for overseas.



OIL SLICK ¥6,667-
ITEM NO : SB7-327 / COLOR : Oil-slick pattern / SIZE : 7 / MATERIAL : Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather basketball using TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) originally developed by TACHIKARA for freestyle basketball players all over the world. Made with a sponge rubber carcass inner layer and a softer enamel synthetic leather material, specifically for high-grade grip and handling. This model, OIL SLICK has Oil Slick Graphic which is a rainbow-colored oil film on the water surface. It’s a challenging product which raises the creativity of basketball.

Bonus gift exclusive to the TACHIKARA online shop
Free gift for every customer of the TACHIKARA online store at this time, a TACHIKARA ORIGINAL BALLSAC (please be aware you cannot specify which color)! Don’t miss this chance! Please note this gift is not available if you purchase through a shop or online shop other than the TACHIKARA online shop.