Act on Specified Commercial Transactions– LEGAL –

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  • Operations director

    Wataru Takahashi

  • Address

    5F 2-3-12,MatsugayaTaito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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  • Ordering method


  • Payment method

    Payment method shall be PayPal settlement

  • Delivery period

    We will ship the ordered product within 2 to 3 business days. In addition, we will inform you by order confirmation email if there will be a significant delay due to high order volumes or transportation issues, etc.

  • Returns & exchanges

    ・We will accept returns or exchanges at our expense in cases where the product is damaged or the wrong product has been shipped.
    ・We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer requests.
    ・Please let us know by email if you wish to return or exchange within 7 days of the product arriving.

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