How to order

Explanaion of the process to complete an order.

  • STEP1 Add to cart

    Please press (+) or (-) to change the quantity of the order.
    Please press "ADD TO CART" when you have decided which products to buy.
    The products will be saved to the cart and the CART screen will show.

  • STEP2 Shopping cart

    The contents of the cart will be displayed.
    Please press "Go to purchase procedure" after confirming the products and payment amount of the order.
    Please press "Keep on shopping" if you want to shop more.

  • STEP3 Purchase procedure
    1. Entering customer information
    Please enter your customer information.
    2. Specifying a delivery address
    Please specify a "delivery address"
    3. Method of payment and specifying a delivery date, etc.
    Payment can be made by PayPal only. Please note that you cannot specify a delivery date or time.
    4. Confirming details of the order
    Please confirm the details of your order and press "order" if there are no issues.
  • STEP4 Order completion mail

    When the order has been completed, we will send notification of the order number and details by E-mail.
    If you do not receive this mail after a while, your address might be wrong or the domain is blocked by your settings.
    Please check your spam folder as the order completion mail can sometimes be processed as spam.
    Please contact us after confirming this if you still have not received the mail.